Welcome to the home of Three powerhouse bands in the state of NC.  At the core is Jukebox Revolver, a well renowned band with a musicality and ability to cover almost any genre of music in a way that seems natural. The core of the band are Daniel Skeel - Guitar/Vocals, Nick Savoyski-Drums/Vocals and Mike Allegrezza - Bass/Vocals. The three of them, form one of North Carolina's premier cover bands.  Known for their impeccable stage persona's, their eclectic song-list and their impeccable vocal harmonies, its easy to see why they were moninated as the most entertaining band in the State.  


     Adding to the Jukebox name, we also bring Big City. Big City was an incarnation of a band fronted by Lead Vocalist Niia Bishop of the Charlotte area, due to the day-time career Niia was forced to restrict her involvement to the Charlotte Metro/Surrounding areas, which lead to a separate entity known as Big City.   Big City is at its core Jukebox Revolver, but a more urban refinement of Jukebox Revolver.  Focusing more on the music of metropolitan areas, Big City tends to focus on more Pop, Funk, Motown, R&B and Soul versions of the repertoire.  With the talents and persona of Niia Bishop at the front of the stage, Big City puts on a very fun and captivating show that will mesmerize audiences far and wide.    


     Finally for 2024 we would like to Introduce to North Carolina a new show…LEGENDS OF ROCK.  For the past year Danny was doing a lot in the Charlotte Metro area for music and getting a good veiw of whats going on down there.   The new emerging acts are all Rock based and it made a new project dedicated to a familiar sound we all know and love, that sound is Rock-N-Roll.   But we didn't want to be another band that played nothing but rock,  We wanted to be something new and interesting, we wanted to stand out in a way that no one has yet, so we are introducing Legends of Rock- The Ultimate Tribute to the Sound of Generations and Revolutions across the globe. 


     With that being said, choose your band and let the party begin.  All versions will have a state of the art PA, with a truly innovative light show that will dazzle and enamor all who attend   

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